Welcome to my new website where you will find some of my work as a painter and a ceramist.

Born and raised in Quebec near the St. Lawrence river, I have spent most of my adult life travelling and exploring new horizons.

Having lived many years on the West Coast, I am now established in Quebec, in a small and inspiring village where I pursue my artistic career.

My body of work is a spontaneous expression of what counts in the moment. Inevitably linked to the five elements air, fire, earth, water and space in the way they manifest themselves through the everyday lens of subjective perceptions. It is also intended as a personal reminder of the impermanence of things and meant to provide a certain respite from our challenging times by either evoking infinite spaces or remembering us the joy of being alive through vivid colors and shapes.

More ceramic objects will be added to the site as times goes by, this new avenue allowing me to explore colors and forms in a new tri-dimensional way, with all the challenges that this medium implies, from establishing the form to the intricate use of underglaze and glazes.